Tax Preparation

2015 tax season is in full swing and we are feeling the full impact of the 2012 Affordable Care Act. New questions need to be asked – Do you have health care? Is everyone on your tax return covered by health care? Where did you purchase your health care? Were you covered by health care for the entire year? these are only a few to get started. How the Affordable Affordable Care Act impacts your Taxes. Langhorne Tax would like to help you answer these questions and assist in preparing your return this year to ensure an accurate return for 2014.

Tax rules and regulations are always changing as our government officials make tax cuts, increase taxes, or implement new programs. At Langhorne Tax & Bookkeeping, we spend hours keeping up on these changes and how they will affect you, the taxpayer. This continuing education allows us to take advantage of all available deductions and tax programs available for your benefit. It also gives us information on the latest scams and schemes to protect you from future problems with the IRS.

If you have never used a paid preparer before, the process is simple. You make an appointment for an interview with a tax preparer, at which time we will discuss your tax situation and any questions or concerns you have. You need bring in your W-2s, 1099s, as well as other income such as self-employment, rental income, etc. If you purchased your health care through the Exchange or Marketplace you will be issues a 1095-A which is a new document that is necessary for your tax return. We also need your Social Security Card and Driver’s License or other ID. While a copy of the previous years tax return is not necessary, it is helpful. Tax Check List Once your return is complete, we will be happy to E-file it for you at no charge. You receive a full paper copy and/or an electronic version of your tax return for your records. If you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment, please give us a call at (215)750-3630.

Our preparation charges are based on the forms and complexity of your return. Our base fee for a short form begins at $85.00 and the long form starts at $175.00. This fee includes Federal and PA state returns as well as electronic filing.

Would you like to have the tax preparation fee deducted your tax refund? We offer a debit card or direct deposit option for an additional $20.