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Income taxes raise a lot of questions. Whether your question is about what information we need to prepare your return or how to handle an IRS notice, we can help. Some questions have clear answers. Other questions require more information. If your question is not listed here, or there are special circumstances, please give us a call at 215-750-3630.

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  1. Questions about Langhorne Tax & Bookkeeping
  2. Electronic filing and refund/balance due questions
  3. Tax Questions
  4. Problems

Questions about Langhorne Tax & Bookkeeping:

Do I need an appointment?
An appointment is always a good idea if you want to meet with a preparer. We do accept drop-off returns at any time. Schedule an appointment

What is a drop-off return?
At Langhorne Tax & Bookkeeping, we take the time to visit with our clients when they bring in their tax information. This quickly allows us to note changes and ask questions that can lead to a more accurate return. However, sometimes this is not practical and a client just leaves (drops off) their tax information. Then Langhorne Tax & Bookkeeping prepares the return and contacts the client with questions and/or when it is ready.

What do I need to bring in?
We need all W-2’s, 1999’s, and income received. If you have a business, rentals, itemize deductions (long form) we will need these expenses. Personal information, such as SSNs and dates of birth on everyone on the return. You will need 2 forms of ID, Social Scurity Card and Drivers License or another form of ID. Tax Check List

Do I need to bring in a copy of last year’s return?
If you are a new client, it is not necessary, but usually very helpful. This is especially true if there is any depreciation or carryovers from a prior year. It is also nice to have for a comparison with this year’s results.

Do I need to bring in the receipts to prove my expenses?
No, we do not have to see them. But you are required to keep them for 5 years. What we need is a breakdown by category and type. For example, medical expenses would include doctor, medications, miles; repairs would be broken down into building, equipment, etc. We can also provide this service for an additional hourly charge.

How much does it cost to prepare a return?
Our prices begin at $85 for a short form and $150 for a long form for both Federal and Pennsylvania. The actual price depends on the forms we have to complete. Accurate pricing is hard to do until the return in completed, but we can give you an estimate if you call.

Do I have to pay for the return when I come first come in?
No, payment is not required at the time of preparation, but you are welcome to pay then. We will not, however, release the return for mail or electronic filing until the preparation charges have been paid.

How can I pay for the return?
We accept cash, personal check, debit or credit card. We also have programs which allow the preparation fees to be withheld from your federal refund. There are additional fees involved for those programs, however.

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Electronic filing and refund/balance due questions:

What is electrically filing a return?
When we electronically file a return it is sent from our computer to the IRS’s computer.

What are the advantages to electronically filing?
The advantages are accuracy and increased speed of refund. In order to be electronically filed, a return must be mathematically correct. The IRS also checks all SSN’s and EIN for accuracy and previous use. Most of these problems can be quickly resolved and re-submitted.

Can I electronically file my State return also?
Yes, generally it is transmitted at the same time as the federal return.

Is there a way to check on my refund?
Yes, the IRS has a toll-free phone numbers you can call, 1-800-829-4477. This year they have added the ability to check on your return on their web site PA also has a toll free number, 1-888-PATAXES. You will need to have the first SSN on the return, the refund you are expecting, and for the Federal filing status. Check your refund

Can I have my refund direct deposited to my account?
Yes, the Federal and State refund can be direct deposited into a bank account with your name on it. Please note that only one refund can be deposited per account.

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Tax Questions:

Do I have to file a return?
That depends on your age, filing status, and amount of income. The rules are also different for each state involved. The specifics can be very complicated. Please give us a call at 215-750-3630. It is also important to understand that while you may not be required to file a return you may want to file to get withholding back or if you qualify for Earned Income Credit.

What is Earned Income Tax Credit?
EITC is a refundable credit. The amount of the refund is based on the amount of income from a job or self employment received during the year and whether there is no, one, or more qualifying children in the home. The definition of a qualifying child and refund amounts change each year.

I don’t have the money to pay all my tax now. What can I do?
The IRS allows you to make installment payments. You will need to file form 9465 with the return or notice. There are some special requirements for this form. It will stop the non-payment penalties but interest will continue to build. There is a set up charge. And while under this agreement, you cannot make any other installment agreements.

Can’t I just file an extension?
An extension only gives you more time to complete the return. It does not put off paying the amount you will owe. The form requires that you estimate the tax you will owe and sent that in with the extension. If you need more time to pay, the installment form is a better choice.

I know I will get a refund, but I don’t have all my information yet.
If you are getting a refund then there is not a problem and no need to file an extension. All penalties and interest are based on the amount you owe.

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I was not happy with the service I received.
Please let us know. We are very serious about providing quality service and we will work to solve any problem.

What is your guarantee?
We are confident in the quality of our service. Should a problem arise, we will back you to the full extent allowed by law. The tax is your responsibility, but we accept financial responsibility for any additional charges accessed.

What if I get a letter from the IRS or a state about my taxes?
Please contact Langhorne Tax & Bookkeeping first – We want to be involved in the solution to your problem. We also have the expertise to interpret the correspondence and can plan the course of action to respond.

How do I get forms?
We use computer generated forms so we don’t have forms to give out. Forms are also available by phone or on the internet.

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